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Why should I advertise on Hoof Heads?!

  • It is free!
  • It is easy to use
  • The advanced search includes a comprehensive list of options including postcode. So your search for the perfect pony can be narrowed down to your local area.
  • Your photos can be featured in the gallery around the edge of the site (highlighted ad's only - see below)
  • Still not convinced?! Read more! Horse Adverts

How much does it cost to advertise?

Nothing for a basic advert. There is an option to upgrade to a Featured Advert, for £2.99. Featured Adverts have the following benefits:

  • featured adverts stand out more than free adverts
  • they are listed higher in search results, as they are given priority over free adverts
  • a selected photo (if uploaded) will appear in the gallery around the edge of the site (on a random basis) for at least the first 2 weeks

How long will my advert be visible for?

Your advert will run for 6 months, unless you choose to de-activate it. To do this, log in, click My Ads, edit your advert, tick De-activate (at bottom), then Update.

Can I call you to arrange my advert?

The site allows you to create your advert online, including uploading your photos. If you would prefer to email your advert, please email to: If you have any problems, do call us on 07740 704802.

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